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Our Passion, Our Story

Lavender Roses is a Canadian mom-owned company from Aurora, Ontario.

I believe any parents desire the best for their children. As a mom myself, I am passionate about providing the children with a variety of exceptional and quality products that they deserve.

My inspiration for safe and high-quality baby's products came from my little smart and cute son who loves the adventure. I enjoy wearing funny, beautiful, and attractive matching family outfits to have exceptional and unforgettable memory as a family.

Our range of products at Lavender Rose have satisfactorily passed all accredited third-party lab test and have fulfilled the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) conditions. And it is also free of mercury, lead, BPA, 100% food-silicone, and heavy metal.

And we are working diligently to provide you not only a vast range of products, but to make them affordable.

At Lavender Rose, we desire to serve you love and ensure you make a lovely memory every day!